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There are 583 people with journals in Eugene, OR. I skimmed through that search page and found only one person who i know personally, but i was mainly judging by the default userpics to see if i could find familiar faces, and since a majority of LJers don't use their real picture, i bet i missed some people that I know. If i looked at drinkycrow's default pic, i would have passed him by as someone i didn't know.

I think it would be fun to do an Oracle of Bacon to these Eugene LJers - see how many of them know people that I know. I found one LJ of a middle-aged lesbian who probably sings in the same gay/lesbian choir as Mel. I found another who is doubling in music and psychology, and I wonder if I know who she is, if we've ever passed by each other in the hall. I wonder if any of them are former students of mine.

At some point i might peek into the entries of all of the Eugene LJers who've updated in the past couple of months or so. Not just to see if there's anyone i know, but to... hmm.... see what other people are doing in Eugene. To see if i can get a metaphorical bird's-eye perspective on what a large group of people living in the same community as me are doing and thinking. It'd be kind of neat if i or someone else could organize something where everyone updates their journal during the same hour - about their thoughts or what's happened to them today so far - and then read them all to get... i dunno. some sort of "collective thought" or something.

i wonder how many people would be into that. hmmmmmm.....


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Jul. 28th, 2003 11:40 am (UTC)
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