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collective community thoughts

the more i think about my collective thought idea, the more I like it. After all of my marching band stuff gets done in August, I might try to devote some time to creating an LJ community devoted to it. Like, assign a half-hour window every month where i get as many people in Eugene to write an LJ entry, and then read them all.

I worry about some of the logistics of it. It would work out okay if a small handful of people were a part of it, but to get a true sense of collective thought, i'd want *lots* of people to take part. And finding a half-hour or even an hour window where everyone is by their computer might be difficult. I don't even have a sense of how many people would be into the idea. Maybe i'll ask eugenecommunity.

The other complicated thing is that even if i get, say, 100 people to write an entry at around the same time, anyone interested in trying to get a sense of the collective movement still has to read the entries in some sort of sequential order, potentially involving multiple pages of entries. It would take a lot of mental energy to read the entries with the focus of understanding them in a form of simultaniety.

Even so, i bet it would be immensely gratifying if it was successful. Well. Immensely gratifying to me, anyway.


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