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synchronicity and collaborations

ABC Family played an episode of the original X-Men cartoon from my high school days. It was one that dealt with Wolverine and Yuriko that in the recesses of my mind i remember seeing before.

Immediately following that, WB played the Season Premiere of X-Men Evolution which introduced Yuriko as a character.


The Yuriko in the Evolution cartoon reminds me again how fascinating it is that each series/movie has a great deal of inconsistencies. Nightcrawler in Evolution doesn't seem to be concerned at all with religion or being a priest. Rogue in the live action movies doesn't really have a southern accent. Jubilee from the original cartoon and Yuriko in Evolution don't look Asian at all. And in the live action movie, Yuriko is just an adamantine hybrid that Logan has never met before. In fact, everyone meets each other at rather different times in each series, especially Nightcrawler.

Then of course, there's costuming, especially Logan's. Bright yellow in the original cartoon, orange in Evolution, and i forget what in the live action movies. Dark blue i think.

The reasons for the small or large inconsistenices seem to me about fashion and target audience. It was kind of like the episode of Static Shock today that featured members of the Justice League. The JL were just supporting characters for the teenaged hero, so it was deliberate that the background music had more rap in it, and that the infamous Justice League could be outsmarted and outmatched by Static and that Static could beat up on Brainiac in a way that the JL couldn't. It made sense, but it didn't seem 'realistic' to me. It reminded me a lot of the Wesley Crusher complex, just less annoying.

It also helps reinforce how much i like the versatility of voice actors. Phil LaMar is the voice of both the Green Lantern and Static Shock (and incidentally Samurai Jack), and they all sound so vastly different. It's wonderful.

Wow... this entry twisted in focus a lot.


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