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chaos theory using a FIFA video game.

so when i woke up this morning, this whole thought process immediately popped into my head:

let's say you have a copy of a FIFA video game (soccer, for those that don't know). Set it to two player mode and then just let the game run without doing anything for the first period (i suppose you could do this for a whole game, but i think that would be an excessive test).

What should happen si that the ball will stay still until one of the computer supporting players attempts to steal the ball. When they do that, control of that computer player immediately gets handed over to the player, so as soon as they steal the ball, that player stops.

the distance between the ball and either teams' goal will be reliant upon from what exact direction the ball is stolen from and the speed of the stealing player. and i suppose there's also the possibility of the stealing player accidentally fouling the player with posession causing a throw-in.

after the first period is up, see where the ball ends up. Then stop the game, do it again with the same team and variables, see how different it turns out. Then stop the game, turn the game *off*, turn it back on again, do it one last team and see how differently *that* one turns out.

and if it turns out that they're all different and unpredictable, make a game out of it. Take bets (either money or pride) as to which side of the field you think the ball will end up after 20 minutes.

in *fact*, you could also create a whole bracket for something like this like a regualr sports bracket. You put in some money, fill out a bracket based on the stats of the team (whcih has to come into play somehow i would imagine), and then see who comes out on top.

i wonder how viable it is. Maybe i'll try it a couple times and see what happens.

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Mar. 23rd, 2007 11:47 pm (UTC)
I wonder if one could derive Avogadro's number from repeated observations of such a system.
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