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visual media versus written media

it seems that there are quite a few people that like to use youtube as a "soapbox" sort of tool. They'll have the camera trained on themselves and just talk about their own opinion of something or confess something or rant or whatever else. it kind of feels like a different evolution of blogging (maybe it's actually called "vlogging" or something), and i find it perplexing and problematic in a few different ways.

i think i draw an analogy between "blogging" and "vlogging" with "books" versus "visual media". Once visual media technology blossomed into something that could be this Spectacular Spectacle Of Entertainment At The Push Of A Button, the less people found reading a book for entertainment worth their while. Why go through the trouble of taking days or weeks to read the lord of the rings trilogy if you can go rent the movies and experience it in 6 hours?

i'm all for the use of technology to improve on the way that we live and all, but in this sort of situation, i think there's too much... "thought" that's lost. it's feels like an improv orgy without any structure or direction or development. Where's the carefully constructed sentences, the idea of structure that has highs and lows and a climax, the editing and proofing to ensure that the point the presenter is trying to make is truly brought across in the most effective and efficient way possible? i feel that there's definitely vlogging that has value, but it hink taht more often than not, it's an "easy out" - it makes it so that people don't have to necessarily have great writing skills to get their opinions across, and it makes it so that viewers don't have to take the time to read opinions if they can just watch them.

The only way in which i think something like this is useful is if it somehow manages to go beyond what people expect. So i have this concept in my head where i want to make a "soapbox youtube video" of my own that adds some surrealistic element. I'm pretty sure i know what i want to do and sort of how i want to do it, i just need to write a script and then also make some decisions about how i want to film/realize the sureralistic portions of it.

that would be project number five i think. I have project number three done, project number one needs some help, project number two needs a new version of Final Cut Pro, and project four i haven't even started yet.

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Mar. 27th, 2007 06:01 am (UTC)
give it time
The craft you're looking for isn't done in a day. While we take forgranted that the technology changes so fast, the humananity behind it doesn't. It takes time and experiments to find a voice and message worth sharing that takes maximum advantage of the medium.

How many hundreds of years of writings did we have before we got to Lord of the Rings? How many decades was it before quality TV (Some would argue that we're still waiting, but I digress). People will play for awhile longer, and soon you'll see some amazing things start to pop up. Perhaps your message will be the one, but I'm sure we'll see some amazing things over the next few years.
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