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restaurant at the end of the universe

So when i first got my Citibank Sony credit card maybe five or six years ago, the balance i could hold on it was something like $1000.

Every now and again I would get these little mailings from the credit card company saying, "Congrats! We automatically raised your balance! You can be in even more debt now if you like!" After my credit balance could hit around $2200, i stopped paying attention - it's rare that I have a balance over $1500 on either of my purchase credit cards - because of the not-so-great APR, i usually transfer money into the credit card i use just to hold balances since that APR is absurdly low.

When i get done teaching all of these band camps, i'm going to be buying a new computer. In order to plan for that, i decided to look at how much money i could put on all my cards, and i was startled. Even with the $1500 balance i have on my Sony card, i still have about $6500 i could play with for that card alone.

A small part of me is thinking, "that's cool." If i need some kind of emergency cash, i have a lot at my disposal. But most of me is thinking, "that's *really* annoying." I mean, i don't mind that they increased it some, but when is it going to stop? i started out with a balance of $1000 on my discover card that i've had for over ten years, and since then, my credit increase has only gone up to $2300 or so. i'm sure that if i called them, i could get it raised higher, but i don't need to or want to.

It seems to me that citibank is trying to entice me. they want it to sound like, "look at how much money you could spend!" as opposed to "look at how much money you could owe us!"

It's kind of disgusting, and it makes me want to redouble my efforts to bring all of my balances back down to zero, which i haven't done for about four years now. Maybe it's time.


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Aug. 8th, 2003 12:00 pm (UTC)
that's not just kind of disgusting. . .that's really really disgusting!
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