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I made another score follow video for one of my old piano duets i'm still proud of and [posted it on YouTube]. Feedback either here or there is greatly appreeciated.

Because it's a MIDI rendition versus a live performance, it made it easy to use Finale's scrolling playback feature to follow the actual score as the MIDI file is playing versus [Remembrance] where i used a slideshow instead. The only bit that was tricky was the accelerando in the beginning because i didn't doctor that in Finale, i doctored that directly in the MIDI - the Finale file plays back in strict tempo. That's why the video looks all funky around there, because the result of me doing time distortion in FCP made the interlacing all weird, and i don't know enough about video or FCP to fix that.

working on this helped fuel me to work on the "Ken Rubik Cube Project Yet Unnamed" a bit more, but it"s still a long ways out. Once i hit a particular point (whih is actually only a few more hours of work (minus rendering)) i'm going to post an initial video of it to get some feedback from people.

i also have a video of me doing pretty decently at 100% minimoo-G 14key, full combing until the last bullshitty part. I kind of want to post it, but i'm hesitating because in one of the takes i made of the video i was 5 ex points shy of a AA, and i'd rather capture that on video and post it becuase... well...i think it's pretty impressive. the last part of the song is SO HARD.

somewhere in there i still have to write a violin/viola duo for lauren. maybe i should start bringing in music paper to work and do that on breaks. like... lunch for LJ, breaks for music. I have the idea of the opening in my head and sort of where i want it to go, but the overall form and what i want to do with it is still in a lot of pieces.

yay for a productive project weekend. to top it off, i won about $100 this weekend online.

oh, and um..... i'm gay. *looks at clock* oh, wait. never mind.

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