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Rubik cube project phase one.

feedback please! :) video is 5'03" long.

This is the first phase of my first attempt at a video art piece. The original video is an 18 second video by my friend nytelyte.

The idea for this popped into my head the very first time i watched this - i wanted to see what sort of visual patterns would emerge from layering multiple versions of the same sequence at varying speeds. I had never actually used final cut pro before, so i set to learning it by doing other mini-projects before tackling this one fully..

At first conception, the project was going to be just what you see, but as i was worked on it, i realized that there was no way i was going to be happy letting it stand on its own. There are four other significant things i'm planning on adding/changing if i can figure out how to do them all and make it work:

a) revise the opening in some way so that the introduction of the first layer doesn't happen so quickly.

b) add a sub-layer of material running throughout to give it more form and depth. The idea i have lolling about my head is to use some "negative flashes" applied to certain layers at certain times.

c) create a darker and smaller version of the last 10 seconds to intersperse at times as a ghost layer. (i'm pretty happy with that bit.)

d) create the ending, a fairly solid idea in my head but will probably take me a long time to figure out because it will delve into parts of FCP i know nothing about.

The end result will probably be between six to seven minutes long.

The audio piece of this will be added when the video portion is complete, and i'm undecided as to whether or not i'm going to realize that part or make this into a collaboration.

feedback/criticisms are welcome and encouraged.

a part of me feels that some of the stuff i'm doing would probably be easier to do in After Effects, but i think i need to get more comfortable with FCP before i delve into that too deeply. I am treating this as a fairly serious project, but it is also my first Real Project, so better to keep it as simple as possible without compromising the integrity of my vision.

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Apr. 7th, 2007 11:12 pm (UTC)
i don't think that it's supposed to tell a story. i think it's just supposed to mess with the idea of different time lines and their convergence to a single point.

lack of sound is definitely a problem, but the sound is going to be so dependent upon the final product that i want to finish the video segment completely before i either do the audio portion or give it to someone to do the audio portion.

the lettering on his shirt is a big distraction - there's a part of me that wans to find a way to take it out entirely, but i think it would be a lot of work.

the evolution of focus from the overlaying cubs to the overlaying fingers and how that starts to play back and forth is one of the strongest parts of the whole thing, i think. when you're first watching it, you don't consciously realize how one thing transformed into another and then what choice you have to focus on the cube interplay versus the finger interplay.

part of my desire to add some negative flashes has to do with emphasizing certain layers or fingers or various layers at particular times. at present i don't have a great idea for the overall framework, but i have ideas of how i would like it to work. how well it works will depend largely on how difficult it will end up being to create the layers the way i want and how much rendering time it will take to realize it as rendering full video like this can make my computer pretty useless for the period of 2 hours.


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