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lg enV

so the battery on my old phone is dying and i qualified for my new every two discount with verizon, so i shopped around for a new phone and decided to get the lg enV.

lots of reviews and youtubes about it out there, so i won't duplicate it all, but i love everything about the phone - except the actual phone speaker quality. calls on my old phone were crisp - i didn't have a huge problem ever understanding what people were saying beyond my own issues of understanding people in general. But the enV hold-up-to-your-ear speaker either compresses or blurs the gain of mid frequencies so much that it feels like i'm listening to someone through a drive-thru speaker system.

it was enough of an issue that i seriously considered returning the phone in favor of getting either the vx8300 or the vx8700 instead, but i didn't like what i read about the 8700, and while the 8300 looks like a decent upgrade, i also read some negative reviews concerning inconsistencies from phone to phone about battery life and etc.

So i decided to test drive even more thoroughly the difference between the external ear speaker versus the headset i use for talking while driving. the quality of the headset isn't night and day, but it's enough of a difference that i think i've finally decided that i'm going to stick with this phone and maybe just use a headset more often, whcih is probably better for me anyway.

now the question is whether or not i want to spring for a bluetooth headset since the actual physical connection of the headset that i have is worn down and i need a replacement headset. i dont' know crap about bluetooth headsets, their quality, etc. other than the fact that i'll probably get a level 2 or 3 headset rather than a level 1 because i'm paranoid about the whole long-term radiation exposure thingy.

ah, technology.

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