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LiveJournal auto-posts.

LJ has a new feature called auto-post. It scans your public entries and then automatically makes a post to your LJ based on previous entries put together.

Right now when you do it, it might give you an "error generating post". It did that for me a few times, but then after a few minutes, they all posted as public entries on my LJ.

This one is the best one i got:

i suppose you might call it an eventful day, if only for myself.

I diddered for about five hours today, and i forgot just how heavenly it is to have the flexibility to create my own interest list structure, and it annoys me that i can't.

non-linear conceptions of time - some of the leftover rice in it and cook it on low heat.

4. add one or two of the hard runs. Ska a Go Go, The Least 100 Seconds, Break Down, and Burning Heat.

now at 6,435 greats, which is a 214 DP improvement. Turned Legend of Max today. 35/1/0/1. for non-californians, this equals 47g. ;)

played it... four times, maybe? with some breaks in between. first time i have ever used the option of "mood", and when i looked at them. I had voicemail messages she left me when she still had that sparkle in her voice, the one that was so madly in love with me. After about ten seconds, i couldn't take it. I stopped it, and i don't even know. maybe 3/4 of a year. i made a sandwich for dinner. turkey and swiss. it was a refreshing summer rain.

why didn't it come down here? *grumbles*


i've been working on improving my scores on 10 footers now.


What's interesting is that two of my auto-posted entries grabbed from that time i AA'ed LOM.

i'll play with it more when i get home maybe. First i need to see if the suggestion of resetting my PRAM is going to fix my unhappy compy.

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