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adapting to habitat

At some point recently, someone on the DDR Infinity board pointed to the online wunderland website where they post printable coupons every week, and it was through this that I discovered that wunderland only has five locations, and they're all on the west coast.

I'm not sure why my memory thought that they were a chain that stretched farther than that... i think i've been living out here too long.

It's sad to think that i won't be close to one after this year. For those of you that don't know, wunderland is a small arcade chain out here where you pay a cover charge of $2.50, and every game is either 3 or 4 nickels. Not for the casual drop-in, but great for people that want to spend a lot of time in an arcade. The other thing that wunderland generally specializes in is import games - particularly bemani like Dance Maniax, Mambo a Go Go, Guitar Freaks... etc.

There's going to be a coupon coming up in a couple of weeks that reads, "Pay one admission, get 100 free nickels." It might be worth a trip to the Wunderland in Portland to take advantage of that one... the one in salem is okay, but i think people tend to like the one in Portland more. I'd be more self-conscious of playing DDR there since Trunks102 works there, but oh well.

Maybe when/if i move back east, i'll start up the wunderland franchise out there. Like i said i would bring Wawa to the west coast. That worked out well. :p


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Sep. 6th, 2003 06:11 am (UTC)
i know that the next place i move will not be on the northeast/mideast coast of the u.s. hence, there will be no wawa. this is a great tragedy in my mind.

i'll really miss their 1/4 lb. beef hot dogs.
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