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allow me to clear up some confusion.

a handful of people have taken the phrase out of my ruleset:

original stepcharts written and/or approved by Dyaus and darknote

to mean that we're taking open submissions for stuff that can be "approved" to be in the tourney.

that's not really the case. it's not meant to be a free-for-all of submissions from various sources that we pick from. We want to keep control over a lot of content for a couple of reasons:

a) by keeping the charts between us and maybe one other person who is local, we ensure that material could never even remotely be possibly leaked out. i don't want to even submit my stuff to tyler via email.

b) we're picky not so much about what makes a good stepchart, but what makes a good stepchart for a sight-read tourney and for our intended audience. When we went over the stuff for D2SSR, we nitpicked and critiqued and revised and rewrote and etc. which is something we do very well together because we know each other well and we're very comfortable with saying to each other, "yeah, that sucks." or "fucking awesome." and why. it's very rare that i can talk not just about how well a chart fits a song, but how *musical* a DDR chart is and have someone understand how i mean it. throwing someone whose chart-writing philosophy and methodology we don't know well or isn't in line with our philosophy will make it more stress than it's worth.

bottom line is that we're still planning on writing a majority if not all of the charts ourselves. i put in the 'approved by' to account for the fact that josh bothun wrote a couple charts for us in D2SSR and deserves credit and as we've already worked with him, he may be put to work again. one other person is being put into consideration and is still being debated partially because of point A above. outside of that, assume that we're handling everything else.

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Oct. 17th, 2007 04:19 am (UTC)
Oh, I should mention.
My cousin's wedding date is apparently not fixed. I asked one of my aunts and she replied that she didn't know, but they were talking September.

So there are no 4D2S4R2 considerations from my end.
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