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one of the biggest reasons that the newest generation of home video game consoles are pretty unappealing to me is the fact that all of the controllers are defaulted as wireless.

ignoring the fact that it's just more prone to being lost if you're the sort of person who loses your sunglasses when they're sitting on your head, the biggest problem i have with it is that in order to keep them in working condition, they require monetary maintenance in the form of batteries. Even if you go all money-efficient and do the whole rechargable thing, that's still something that is an "implied recurring cost" that people don't really think or care about.

For the Wii, i can see the justification as the controller is very active and varied in its intent. But for the PS3 and the x360, they're just stock controllers. I don't think that the convenience of the wireless controllers provides enough reason for me to prefer it over wired controllers. it's kind of like luxury vehicles which automatically turn on your windshield wipers for you or heat your drivers seat. Sure, it's nice, it's convenient, but is it really necessary? Is it actually worth it?

Once i buy a controller, i just want it Bought. By buying a controller that's wireless, it's almost like i'm buying a *subscription* to that controller as if i'm subscribing to a magazine or a WoW account or etc. i don't want my controller to be seen like that. I already have enough "subscription" costs as it is. If where i play my video games is going to be the same spot on the couch no matter what, cords are fine, thanks.

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Nov. 4th, 2007 11:30 pm (UTC)
My biggest beef with the current gen of consoles is all of the different hardware SKUs. They've only had 2 PS2 models in the duration of its life, and it worked out just fine. There have already been 4 different PS3s and 5 different Xbox 360s, all with so little different between them that it only serves to confuse the consumer.

Nov. 5th, 2007 09:42 pm (UTC)
Yeah. I want to hook up my XBox360 to my new HDTV...

Well do you have the Core, Premium, Elite, Arcade, Halo Edition, BentYouOverAndGotEvenMoreMoneyOutOfYou Edition, Super Def Edition, Super Def Edition Turbo, Super Def Edition Alpha 2 Turbo....


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