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Usually when i first wake up in the morning and i'm not terribly conscious, my vision is a bit blurry. It's the only time that it feels blurry enough to warrant some sort of eyewear, and then i wake up, and the world is clear again.

Right now, being exhausted after only getting about four hours of sleep, then running a rehearsal, then playing a bit of beatmania, my eyes are blurry in preparation for my nap. That's never happened to me before. It's a very deliberate blurry... if i wasn't about to take a nap, i could consciously unblurry them if i want to.

The point is that it's interesting that i've reached a point where the "lazy" state of my eyesight is blurry. It could be an age thing, it could be because i've been concentrating so much on keeping my eyes so alert on a tv screen with flashing arrows going by at 180-300 bpm.

I was looking at my DDR accomplishments the other day, and i think i'm proud of them. I've gotten over 40 AAs on doubles in about a month. I'm still inconsistent... there's performing at your best and then performing at your average, but still, that's not too shabby. I get the feeling that just for $$ sake, i'm going to have to tone down my DDR playing after the Tacoma tournament, but it'd still be good to be playing at least twice a week.


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