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bedtime idea: kaboom DDR

i just had a crazy idea.

find some way to combine DDR playing with the atari 2600 classic [Kaboom].

Ridiculous variant 1: Give a paddle controller to the player playing (or to a partner) that controls the "arrowcatcher" that's in the same area as the casings, so you have to simultaneously step on the arrows correctly and catch them with the arrowcatcher.

Ridiculous Variant 2: same thing, except the "arrowcatcher" isn't supposed to capture arrows, it captures mines. (minecatcher)

Feasible Variant: Grab an old DDR solo cabinet or make one of your own that has UL and UR arrows. The player uses the UL and UR to control which arrowlane the "minecatcher" is hovering over. For instance, if the "minecatcher" is over the down arrow, pressing the UR will make it shift to the up arrow (instantly, not slide. we're talking Game & Watch style) and pressing UR again will make it shift to the right arrow. Any time a mine is present in that lane, the minecatcher has to be over it. Otherwise gameplay is the same as current DDR/ITG.

doing this would restrict what sort of mine placement you could have that would be feasible to execute (no mine "jumps" or horizontal mine lines), but that's compensated by the ability to have nifty scenarios you wouldn't normally have. A basic fun example would be that the minecatcher just caught something in the L arrow lane and you create an eighth note run of arrows in the LD arrow space, and then you introduce a mine in the R arrow lane somewhere in the middle of the run. This forces the player to figure out how to hit the UR arrow twice at *some* point of their choosing in the middle of their run, but with no exact time other than "before the mine reaches the top" which lends to more complexity to the gameplay and more control over that complexity by the player.

it also gives advantage to slower speed mods.

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Nov. 24th, 2007 11:53 am (UTC)
Haha. Musical Kaboom.
Nov. 24th, 2007 11:53 am (UTC)
You are an evil DDR/ITG genius.
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