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changing DDR training tactics

i learned a valuable lesson at the DDR tournament in Tacoma this weekend that's making me change my training strategy for the next tournament i want to go to in november. it parallels what I try to teach in percussion a great deal.

Compare my doubles playing vs. Jeff's double's playing. I'm a more natural doubles player. I've been playing it longer, i can easily find all of the pads with either of my feet. Because Jeff hasn't played it a lot, he was more awkward at it.

But because Jeff is an elite singles player, he beat me *easily* in the tourney. If it was just an issue of full combo, i'd win hands down. But even if i full combo and he gets six full blown misses, he still gets more points because he's better at Perfect Attack.

I suck at Perfect Attack. I'm getting better, but i'm inconsistent, and that's not good enough. Having a 10/1 record on KCET is great, but i've only pulled that off once. I average in the high 20s on that tune, and sometimes i'll flake and get even higher. I want to get to the point where I can keep my greats down below 20 consistently.

So i'm going to take a step back and relearn my fundamentals. Any time i do a session, i want to take the first half hour or more and play nothing but six and seven foot single with the intention of AAA'ing, or at least SDG'ing, which i haven't done yet. After that, i'll move to Just Playing Doubles Tunes I haven't done yet or gotten at least an A on, just so i can try to keep my skills diversified. Trying to pass PSMO on double right now is pointless. It's impressive, but pointless. After i learn all of the doubles tunes, then I want to focus more on PA'ing, getting my greats down.

*sigh* I should really practice singles too since there are many more singles tourneys than doubles and I want to do those too, but honestly I just see myself more of a doubles specialist. But we'll see. LG4 is a singles only tourney. I don't know about the other tourneys coming up. That, and double is just expensive unless I go to wunderland. It's good incentive to try to get a job at All That or the Break so that I can have access to a machine after hours, or at least put it on JP. I have no issues paying 50c or 75c for a doubles game.

Getting Stepmania and DDR Extreme for the PS2 will help me out since i can learn the tunes at home and then go to the arcade just to PA it as opposed to learn it.

We'll see what happens. Even more than last time, i have a goal, and i intend to reach it.


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