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I don't really want to get into a big long entry about everything that happened, but there are some important key highlights.

traffic during rush hour wasn't heavy in seattle where i was exactly, but the traffic patterns were hard to anticipate. As in, if i needed to make a left and then a right and didn't know how far down that right was because my directions were of the basic variety, i got screwed a couple of times because i wasn't merged into the correct lane three streets in advance to get to where i needed to go.

Because the traffic was such (and because google maps failed me again), i didn't get to my hotel area until about 19:00. they only had a 2-bedroom available, but it was still cheaper than some of the other hotels' 1-bedroom, so no issues. I met up with Scott and Angelo where we got food on Broadway which has a mess of restuarants that i want to try.

After dinner i dropped angelo and scott off and went to the gig at the Nectar Lounge. It was a small/medium venue with a friendly bartender, a two-level inside, and a patio outside.

The show started at 21:00. There were three acts ahead of Plaid. They were okay, but none of them stuck out as truly spectacular. They were okay, though, and set the mood for me. The third group had a lot of energy and played a nifty techno remix they made of the [Airwolf Theme], but most of the other stuff they did was merely okay.

Mostly i just casually listened and enjoyed the atmosphere and the people. I also chatted with the person who was doing the video in the background after having discovered that he was manipulating the video using max/msp/jitter. That was pretty awesome.

Plaid went on around midnight. Unfortunately i don't think the venue balanced their stuff very well - it was too heavy on the bass which gave good energy, but sacrificed clarity of the mid-range and even some of the upper range. Even so, the beats were fantastic, and the crowd was pretty into it. Plaid played one song off of Tekkon Kinkreet, but everything else was new material off an album that they're just finishing up and will release soon. That was *awesome*. Hearing old stuff and favorites is nice and all, but especially in the electronic realm i'm a big fan of sharing of new material and hearing things for the first time, and some of the stuff i heard was fucking awesome. I didn't stop moving my body the whole time.

the whole show lasted about five and a half hours, which is pretty good for a $12 cover and Plaid as the headliner, and totally worth the trip in itself.

The next day i hung out with Scott and Angelo at Gameworks for a little while where we parked in front of a sign that was so poorly conceived that i had to snap a picture of it:

that sign would win any "good attack" challenge hands down.

At Gameworks i played a little Drummania, DDR USA and Extreme, Dance Maniax, the big honkin' taiko game, and Pop 'N 15. I tried to take a video of me playing on the DDR USA machine which failed miserably.

After that, Angelo and Scott went back to the dorm and i went to Acme Bowl for the first time to meet up with Amber, and i determined that a) the space for the arcade in there is just too small, and b) god dammit - i really miss ITG2. I played and scored records on Caddywhompus Double and Driven Double before Amber showed up. We played some Pop'n 14 where i discovered a 35 rated song that looked about as easy as a 20 for me, and so i tried it and yeah, it was cake. More proof that difficulty ratings in music video games continue to make no sense whatsoever.

Amber and i got food where we chatted for the first time in years, and that was awesome, probably the highlight of the whole second day, which is more proof that whenever i travel anywhere, it always has much more to do with the people than it has to do with anything else.

I think that's it. *cocks head to side* feels like a vaguely boring entry, but oh well. Trip recaps are like that unless something explosive happens.

Over the weekend i started contemplating the idea of migrating certain content of my blog to a different blog site, maybe even a paid one such as typepad. i'm still trying to roll that around in my head.

and hi LJ. I've fucking missed you too. :) all of you are slackers, though. Three days without LJ and i only need to read through 125 entries? sheesh. *love*

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Jan. 22nd, 2008 06:45 pm (UTC)
i don't think it was vandalized, i think it was recycled. It used to say "7am to 5pm" but they had to change it for the situation and felt that they could get away with changing it up a little. We verified with other signs around the area that it should read "7pm to 6am".

The idea of a "from" range being a fixed time period and then the "To" being "until further notice" is what is truly baffling to me. it looks like the sign is saying, "You can't park from 7am until 5pm on January 13th until further notice."

good attack written all over it.


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