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pork and poker and prolific, oh my.

after work, i:

a) went to mormonson's to pick up some supplies for a basic dinner and then went home and made it. it consisted of seasoning pork with my essential spices (basil, pepper, kosher salt) in some sesame oil and then throwing in some carrots, brocolli, snap peas, and onion. nothing too fancy, but the consistency and flavor of the pork was yuuuuummy.

b) napped from about 19:45 until 23:30

c) played in cake poker's $6 bounty tournament and got 4th place and took out about five people, earning a profit of about $40. I also did made another quick $50 win on a cash table in about 1/10th of the time.

d) played a few rounds of the new bogglific on facebook which is now called Prolific. The strategy is a tad different because of the rule changes as it regards points:

- four letter words are now worth 2 points, not 1.
- he added a "red cube" die like the old Big Boggle used to have, which adds an extra point or two to your score if you make a word that uses it.
- if someone else finds a word that you did, rather than negate the points entirely, the points earned for that word are split between the players that found the word rounded down. So if two people find the same seven letter word (worth 7 points), they both earn 3 points. If four people find that same seven letter word, they all earn 1 point.

that last rule changes the dynamic of the game quite a lot and for the most part works against me. The strategy i tend to play for boggle when there are more than 3 people involved is to find common words only as they jump out at me, but to spend more energy trying to find uncommon words and longer word and hope that other people find the more common words and knock those scores out for me. Now that the points aren't zeroed but merely split, that puts more value to finding more words in the bigger multiplayer games.

still, it's awesome to play again, not just for the game but for the people as i've made some good friends through that app. i may have to put some limitations on how much i play, though, and make sure it doesn't cut too much into my poker time like last time. Bogglific going down was a bit of a wake-up call in that regard. it's fun, but it doesn't earn me money, and now that i'm getting more comfortable with $1/2 stakes, my profit is increasing a little more rapidly.

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