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lazy can still be productive

this morning i woke up and looked outside and determined that half of the people and most of my team wouldn't be in the office today, so i decided to work from home. sometimes when i do that, i'm more productive and other times i'm less productive. today was a less productive sort of day, partially because i was pretty tired, partially because business objects was again being super fussy and annoying. i was able to do a few odds and ends, but for the most part i wasn't able to get much accomplished. hopefully tomorrow will be better.

while i was waiting for report schedules to hopefully finish and not fail, i edited a song and created a stepchart. out of all of the stepcharts i've created so far, this is the one in which i feel the most unclear about whether i like it or dislike it. i'll have to give it a couple of days.

later in the day when i was playing prolific, chandreyee das joined my game. i don't think i've talked to her since we graduated from high school. it was absolutely crazy and awesome. also absolutely crazy and awesome was that i finally managed to beat ddryuni in a game. goddamn, elisa. you're good at that game.

finally i played some poker. i had a rocky start - i lost about $100 on my JJ versus someone's QQ and then another $100 to someone who made his flush on the river. i would have given up on the table except i was sitting to the left of a very reckless player who had $200 on the table and i wanted to take him down. Not too long after, i did, somehow managing to take down a $320 pot against him and one other all-inner with just a pair of aces and a king kicker. that coupled with a double up on a .50/1 table i was playing turned what would have been a sour session into a pretty sweet one.

ah, a day in the life.

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