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torchwood 201 (kiss kiss bang bang): for a chibnall script and story, it wasn't *horrible*, but it's still chris chibnall, a poorly written script and story where he got to realize his childhood testosteroney imaginationland because he was too much of a loser and geek to live that lifestyle himself. James Marsters was pretty hot, though. yum. and i like gwen's new haircut.

torchwood 202 (sleepers): this was one of the best torchwood episodes to date. cohesive plot, smooth transitions, good mixture of action and emtion, very effective without being overdone, and amazing guest character.

torchwood 203 (to the last man): if we ignore how Toshiko's role in this is almost exactly the same as "Greeks Bearing Gifts", this episode wasn't *too* bad, but it suffered from some fundamental "let's gloss over why this happened in the first place" things in favor of heavy character development. at least it was more successful than "Out of Time" in that regard.

Primeval 201: obviously they've actually hired a script editor or fired their previous one because the lines delivered by the actors actually flow even if the rest of the show is still utter nonsense. why oh why would a dinosaur a) stop to eat a video camera to make it go all static, and b) stop to eat bubble gum? why is all of the mall lit up at night when it's after hours? Why is there a scene where all three of them are in the room with unconscious Abby and then they're all suddenly in another room very far away from Abby and not realizing that they left her alone? Sheesus.

Primeval 202: like torchwood 202, this episode was one of the better ones of the whole series (although 106 was good too), but again, some of the action falls into the "why don't i move my face into your moving fist" category. Particularly Steven seeing mist and creatures inside of an office conference room and thinking it's a smart idea to go *into* the room to get trapped on top of a desk instead of sensibly staying out of the room altogether. Still, he did that cool stab-the-creature-into-the-water-cooler thing. that was pretty sweet.

Primeval 203: a) the CGI sabre-tooth tiger was pretty horrible. b) none of the action scenes made any sense whatsoever. the lesson learned here is the essential tools you need to fend off an attack by a prehistoric tiger are a jukebox, a small coffee table, a lamp, a can of spray deodorant, and a rake.

okay. fandom entry over.

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Jan. 31st, 2008 07:16 pm (UTC)
I'm still downloading Torchwood 203, the one I got from mininova was mislabeled and was really 103 :(

I think Torchwood has definitely improved from last season so far, I'm definitely with you on Sleepers being the best episode to date.

Hopefully it just keeps getting better because I'm already hooked :)
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