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i'm posting this on my regular blog instead of darkcards. sue me. ;)

"An open mind to regulation [from Hillary Clinton] is something we won’t frown upon. The PPA’s position has always been that a study is nice, but regulation is better. Other countries have gone down the path of regulation and so there really isn’t that much to study. The reality is that politicians like to point to something as a reason to support it. Clinton’s study could be what they need to support regulation."

“One of the interesting things [about Barack Obama] is that he’s a renowned poker player. He was known to play in regular games when he served in State Legislature in Illinois. From my understanding, he still plays and still enjoys the challenge of the game. There’s an opportunity to have him understand the difference between poker and gaming against the house. The latter seems to be where his concerns with gambling have been.”

"Huckabee, a former governor of Arkansas, has the most negative views towards online gambling of any Presidential candidate... Huckabee’s response to a questionnaire from the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling: “Last year, Congress voted overwhelming to criminalize most forms of Internet gambling. This year some members of Congress are promoting legislation to legalize Internet gambling. If such legislation passed, would you veto it?" Huckabee answered ‘yes.’”

...John McCain recently picked up an endorsement from PPA Chairman Alfonse D’Amato (who supports McCain on his own, not as a representative of the PPA). The former Senator from New York knows McCain well. According to the PPA press release, McCain is on the fence on online gambling: “The New Hampshire Republican primary winner does not have a specific position on Internet poker, but does appear to have been influenced by his fellow Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, who is a vigorous opponent of our rights. McCain, however, has always been willing to consider both sides of an issue and may simply need to know how strongly PPA members feel.”

Mitt Romney is in contention for the Republican nomination. The former governor of Massachusetts lacks a “formal position” on online poker. However, according to the PPA release, Romney “has contorted his issue positions wildly in a bid to gain support from social conservatives. As part of that effort, Romney tapped Tom Coates, Vice President, Truth About Gambling, Iowa, to his ‘Faith and Values Steering Committee.’ Coates, in turn, is vigorously opposed to gaming of any sort.”

- snippets from pokerplayersalliance.org

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