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my letter to USA Networks....

Dupilcated from my entry on scapers

To whom it may concern:

i am writing to express my disappointment in USA Networks and the SciFi Channel in its recent decision to not renew Farscape for a fifth season.

Farscape has been a long staple of the SciFi channel and is a continuing contribution to its success. It has been an endeavor by David Kemper and his associates for almost ten years, and the cast and crew have invested so much of their life and their soul to create and develop the Farscape family.

The large fan base that Farscape has generated is not a result simply because of the show's originality, its cutting edge style, or its commercial success. What makes the show so important to its fans is its openness and its honesty. The relationship between the individuals who make the show happen and the individuals who watch the show is personal and intimate - the cast and crew care about their fans - not for ratings, but for the pleasure of sharing their life and their visions of quality television with their viewers. And likewise, the fans care about the cast and crew - they support the imagination and the dreams that are translated into dialogue, special effects, scenes, and episodes. They care about the lives of the cast and crew both on and off the screen.

The possibility of shattering that relationship and that dream has been a shock to millions of viewers, and leaves the emotionally unanswered question, "Why?" The show won the Saturn award for Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series, and Ben Browder won the award for Best Actor on Television. The show still has a strong Nielsen rating which has been relatively unchanged since the show's preimiere. It is, simply put, one of the most promising science-fiction shows currently on television that many people have invested their personal lives into. So the question remains: what eveidence is there to support its cancellation?

It is my hope that USA Networks and SciFi Channel reconsider their position on this matter. Perhaps on a statistical sheet of paper the decision is a "good move" for the network, but i plead that the network listen from a more humanistic standpoint and hear the millions of hearts that will break upon Farscape's premature disappearance.


Mendel Lee


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March 2017