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poker last night.

i was chip leader when there were 4 people left, but i lost a key hand when ducks held up against my big slick and then i made a key incorrect play towards the end, so i ended up getting 4th place. still profited, but it would have been nice to have $400 instead of $100.

the real reason for this entry is that after that i played in a $2-5 limit mixed game that they offer on tuesdays on a regular basis and had enough interest to play one last night. the way it works is that everyone agrees on the variants that they want to play (there are about forty cards, and we used about eight) and then you play them for a round before switching to a new game. The games we ended up playing were 2 to 7 triple draw, badugi, omaha h/l, 7 stud hi/lo, crazy pineapple, and a game i hadn't played before called Oxford.

it's basically a 7-card initial set up but with hold'em community rules. You start with 2 cards down and 1 card face up. Betting starts after the BB for the first round and left of the dealer all rounds after (as opposed to highest hand showing). After preflop bet, the dealer burns one card and flips over two. After another betting round, he deals a comm. turn card, and then after another betting round he turns over a river card. Your hand is the best 5 card hand out of any of your cards (one, two, or all three), plus the four cards in the community.

apparently the game can be played hi/lo as well, though i'm not sure if it's played as 8s or better. But however it is, i like it quite a bit.

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Mar. 30th, 2008 06:08 pm (UTC)
Oxford sounds like the night I mixed Hold'em and 7-stud. It was 2 down and 1 up in community... 1 more community, 1 more community, and 1 down to everyone.

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