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first day of school

it's odd being in school, but not really taking any classes.

I'm going to try to keep my ass in gear, devote at least an hour if not two a day trying to keep my music stuff going, thesis stuff in particular. It'll be easier once i start using the studio lab time and also start working the computer lab upstairs.

There was a period towards the end of spring to the middle of the summer where my motivation was really high and i got a lot of stuff done. End of July hit and all of the band camp stuff happened and it made me tired. So even though i'm stressed out about school starting, it's good to be back and have it help push me to be productive again.

One thing that i need to start seriously considering is a more regular sleep schedule. My natural wake-up clock has settled around 9:30 give or take... partially left over from when i was working in the K lab in the mornings over the summer. That's fine if i go to sleep by 1:00 or 2:00, okay if i go to sleep by 3:00, but not that great if i wait until 4:00 to go to bed.

Even though i seem to have a lot of open space and time, everything seems rather hectic, almost in a bad way, but not quite.

Off to rehearsal.


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