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another exploitation of the lj-cut

in that new community i just joined, the newest line is "transient beauty", and i decided to do another attempt at the lj-cut trick:


why the fuck can't you look me in the eyes? How is it that you can't fucking bring your head up *now* of all times? it's only my fucking heart, lying in pieces along the floor, thanks to your neglect, to your selfishness. I can only hope that you will one day see just how fucking ugly you are. And don't expect me to bail you out a fourth time.


i think that the concept ended up being better than the actual content, but we'll see how i can develop it. What's really annoying about exploiting lj-cut in this way is how invisible it is unless you're looking at it on the friends page or the actual journal page. If you clicked on the entry link, you'd be really confused.

i'm considering making a community devoted to trying writing like this. i wonder how well it would work.

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Jul. 17th, 2008 10:23 pm (UTC)
yeah, the choice of words was definitely generic - it was a five to ten minute job, so no real depth.

i'm not sure what you mean about the mouseover that can reveal hidden text, because that wouldn't necessarily replace the text like the lj-cut, nor would it necessarily have the same "outer/inner layer" impact, yes? i'm having problems wrapping my head around how you'd make it friendlier yet not lose the impact.
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