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driving day one

brain dead, but oh well. we got a late start because packing took longer than we had hoped. it would have been much worse if katie hadn't done a whole heck of a lot. she's awesome.

picked up tyler around 11.15 and then hit the road. since reno was on the way, we stopped by there for a late dinner to meet up with tyson who we hadn't seen in forever. ended up staying there longer than we meant, so didn't get on the raod again until 22.30ish (we were there for a couple of hours), and arrived in vegas around 06.00.

mallory was a little trooper. when we first got on the road and we let her out of the cat cage to roam around the car, she was terrified and meowing like crazy, and i think kept on looking for a way out. after about an hour or two of this, she calmed down and then just started finding little nooks and crannies in the car to hang out and lounge around. she got used to the movement enough to perch herself in back seat surface area and watch all the traffic go by (what little there was). She also had a habit of wanting to rest herself by our feet, which was fine for the passenger, but inconvenient for the driver because she got in the way of the pedals. she didn't eat or drink much, but it was fine - i gave her a good meal when we got into vegas.

spending the rest of the day in vegas, leave tomorrow morning for armarillo texas. hope everyone is doing well.

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Jul. 30th, 2008 11:45 pm (UTC)
Glad you made it well and things worked out with Mallory.
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