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celebrity status in two contexts

number one: during the homecoming game on saturday, i was at one point going to the stands to get a drink, when someone out of nowhere called to me by name, i think asking, "are you mendel?" i turned to him and didn't recognize him at all, but confirmed that yes, that's who i was. He said, "my roommate is greg clayman."

greg clayman is a guy who i met through facebook playing a lot of boggle. i'm fairly certain he's a track runner. Apparently he was looking around for me during homecoming, and apparently his roommate knew me well enough to recognize my face.

crazy. but awesome. hopefully i get to meet this guy at some point.


number two: on saturday night after the homecoming game, mark and his parents (who were visiting), amanda, and i went out to dinner to celebrate amanda's birthday.

in the middle of us eating, someone who was coming in to be seated approached our table and said, "you two work with the band, right?"

we confirmed this, and he shook our hands, saying a couple of basic complimentary things like, "i think you guys sound great," and whatnot before letting us go back to our meal.

i've never been in a position where i get recognized and complimented by random strangers for being a marching band person from anyone who isn't some sort of internal peer, either internal in the context of "the dean of the music department" or in the context of "also worked with marching bands." to have a random joe come up to us and say that he dug what we were doing was strange, but nice - not nice for me personally, exactly, but nice that the marching band is making that sort of impact. i wish that some of the kids had been there to witness it.

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Oct. 10th, 2008 01:46 am (UTC)
you're awesome, M :)

(Heehee ...groupies... :)

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