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flurry of activity and non-activity

Life has always tended to go faster than my journal does. There are still lots of things I want to write about, but time pushes forward, especially right now.

My time in the past three or so days have been occupied with three things: marching band, madden football, and saving Farscape.

Last night we had a relatively decent rehearsal, but we still haven't heard from Tyler, my #2 bass drummer, in a week and a half. I'm starting to get worried, not just for the drum line but also for him. He's always been a pretty reliable kid, and with the general neighborhood aesthetic of Willamette and the few hints i've picked up, i hope that there aren't troubles at home.

Mark and I have been playing through a season of Madden 2002. We're in week 13 or so. My record is now 5-7... considering that those five wins were in the last six games, i think i'm getting better at the game, though I still have to learn how to... improvise a bit more when the called play isn't going to work. Mark's record isn't so hot, which frustrates him. While he knows a lot more about football than me, he's not nearly as much of a video game expert, which i think gives me an edge.

The Farscape campaign has been a tiring one. Although we've been able to get a small degree of success in that the sets have only been put in storage and not been demolished, it seems like scifi is banking on the initial anger fading away after a few weeks, especially once "Taken" premieres. I'm planning on sending a letter and/or an email every couple of days, not just to scifi, but to the other networks that may be interested in picking up the series. i'm going to try to write new letters to send out tomorrow.

Aside from the farscapelives community, i've been snagging most of my info from here.

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