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ridiculous poker

so at random i decided after getting some stuff done this evening that i wanted to play poker to see how different the friday crowd was from the saturday crowd.

Boy did i get a lucky table.

i'm playing on a 1/2 NL table and i buy in for $200. Afew a handful of hands in which i fold, i start to get a feel for a few of the players and see one player who seems to be easy money because he had a very loose call and bet standard.

After a couple of limpers, he has a hand where he raises to $10. I look down at my cards and see AK. I want to isolate this guy, so i raise to $25. everyone else folds and he calls.

The board comes out KKJ rainbow. The person who is first to act bets $50. I'm fairly certain that if i push all-in, he's going to call, and the odds that he had JJ or KJ were too slim to make the move unprofitable, so i push in my remaining stack, roughly $165 or so. He has me covered, calls, and turns over AQ of clubs.

Um.... yeah. Thankfully he didn't catch his 10 or his runner runner clubs. I go from $190 to about $400.

Maybe 20-30 minutes later, i'm on the button with a lot of limpers with K10 of hearts. I limp also. The board comes KK9. The person who was in the big blind bets $15 or so. After a few folds, he gets called by the person two to my right, then called again one to my right. Again, the board is rainbow, so i decide to slowplay and just call, intending to raise the turn to see where people are.

The turn puts out a K, so now i have quad kings. The person in the big blind bets again, $25, and both of the people to my right CALL THE BET. I'm thinking "what the fuck is going on?" I call the bet and then decide that i had better double-check that i actually have the K in my hole cards because i'm not sure why there are still four people in the pot.

The dealer puts out the river which is a blank; maybe a 7. The first person thinks for a long time and bets *again*, $50. The two players to my right again call the bet. The dealer made a small exclamation at that point, a subtle "wooooah" when the action is to me.

I think for a few seconds, mainly in confusion as to what's happening, and then i declare a raise. The dealer makes a much more audible "woah" as i prepare my raise, $100 on top. The person who has been leading the betting all along thinks for a while and decides to fold. The person two to my right thinks for a while and decides to call. The person to my immediate right instantly calls.

The dealer points to me and says, "show me the King." I do so, and then he murmurs loud enough to hear, pointing to the other people the same sentiments i had that one of them had to have QQ or JJ or something when i turned over my K, but no - one player had Q9 and the other player had A9 or something. I'm friendly about the whole thing because the players have all been pretty nice to me in conversation and all, but there's definitely a few subtle digs that the dealer made against the other players, echoing my sentiments: "what the fuck were you guys thinking?"

The hand right after that, i get pocket 5s and the flop is 573 with two clubs. I don't like slowplaying trips with a flush draw, so i bet out to everyone's check, roughly 3/4 of the pot, and i get one caller, the guy to my immediate right. The turn puts out another 3 giving me the full house. He doesn't have much money behind and either he pushed all in or i put him all in, and he turns over A7, which wins me another $60-$70.

all of this happened within the first hour of me sitting down, and within the next half hour or so, all of those people left, and there weren't any other big fish on the table, so at the next $6 time rake i decided to call it quits, which ended up being a profit of $700 in an hour and a half, the best take i've ever had period, much less in the amount of time i had sat down, a rate of $475/hr.

glad i decided to play cards today.


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Oct. 25th, 2008 10:41 am (UTC)
I think the 3 other people in the hand thought they had imaginary straight flushes vs your quad Ks. :) !!!!!!!
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