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i started this livejournal six and a half years ago.

six and a half fucking years ago. before i ever played poker, before i ever played DDR competitively, before minna and i stopped talking, before Kate discovered she had lupus, when i only had about ten friends on my friends page.

going through random entries of my past is something that a year or two ago i decided was not something i wanted to do, something about philosophically not wanting to get hung up on the past and the person that i used to be. now, my attitude about it is different. some of that is because of the person that i am now versus a year or two ago is one that finds more value in reflecting on who i was, what parts i still hold on to and what parts i let go.

and sometimes it doesn't seem like i've changed a whole lot, but i know that can't be true. i know that i'm essentially the same person, but it's impossible to have gone through that much time and not undergone some major degree of change. i think about some of the easy examples like suerocks or murderoftwo whose blogs i've been reading/skimming for most of if not all of that time and how the character of their LJ entries are vastly contrasting now versus back then, and that's only looking at snippets that they choose to divulge on LJ.

it's pretty great, this life thing.

one of the random entries i found was that old meme where you type out the first sentence of the first entry of every month for the past year. that's a fun exercise, so i thought i'd do it again.

1/1/08: new year's is a strange sort of bird.
2/1/08: as i was driving back from a birthday lunch for one of the cool coworkers i have, someone on the corner was holding a sign advert that said the following: HUGE NEW CAR SALE!
3/2/08: there comes a point when food creation needs to go beyond that of merely choices in seasoning, heat, and accompaniment choices.
4/1/08: i just wrote an entry in resonate about crooked windows.
5/5/08: flyers (#6) versus penguins (#2) for the stanley cup playoff final seat.
6/2/08: typically i don't like keeping strict plan assignments too far into the future, but as DSR squared and quarter end and Other Things get closer, i feel like divvying up my days properly is important, so here we go.
7/2/08: so i opened up my electric bill today because i was doing some monthly bill paying.
8/3/08: mark and amanda took me out to "white linen night" here in the city, and as the night concluded and we were sitting in a cafe eating beignets, mark made a remark about how white linen night was such a unique part of the culture here that you don't find anywhere else in the united states.
9/2/08: the time is 23:12 and i'm choosing now to catch up on my friends page from when i last checked about a month and a half ago.
10/1/08: i haven't posted in a while, and the thing that igene and now james did is too interesting to pass up.
11/2/08: there's nothing like a Whole Foods that makes you realize how much you miss Market of Choice.
12/1/08: there's a whole lot of stuff buzzing around my head and it's making it difficult for me to sleep.

for those that have too much time on their hands and were paying attention, i know i cheated about may, but that's because the Real First Entry in may was on a limited filter as i was not at that time comfortable disclosing to koocheekoo that i was applying for a new job.

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Dec. 5th, 2008 08:01 pm (UTC)
We've been friends for a long time, M. I'm really glad you've been there. I might not comment all that much, and I might not hear from you for a long time in between comments, but I know you're always there and you're always my friend. And that's really comforting, and I appreciate it a lot.


I hope you'll be around for six and a half more years, and then some.
Dec. 6th, 2008 12:35 am (UTC)
count on it. i'm not going anywhere. *hugs*
Dec. 23rd, 2008 09:55 pm (UTC)
*laugh* that's funny - finally catching up on LJ and I see this. As if I'd care except, perhaps I'd feel a little scared and a lot lonely. The place is not the same without you, that's for sure! I tend to keep things close to the vest until I know it is a definite go or no go, so completely understand. All said and done, glad things worked out for you as they did. While the place is not the same without you, it is not the same ... period. Ah well - always changing, always adapting, always growing - hopefully all for the better, eh?
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