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six card push stud

in 1992 one of the editors of games magazine published a book called "new rules for classic games". i remember either buying it or having it around because my brother bought it and was leafing through it earlier today and found a poker variant i haven't played before that they called "push" (but i'm calling six card push stud because that's more descriptive).

the rules are thus:

ante. everyone gets dealt a card face down.

first player gets dealt a card face up. he has the option to keep the card or 'push' it to the next player. if he pushes to the next player, he has to pay the ante. if the card gets pushed, the second player has the option to keep it or push it, also at the cost of an ante into the pot. this continues until someone keeps the card, then everyone who had originally pushed gets dealt a card face up that they must keep. The next player to the right of the one who accepted the card gets dealt a face up card that he can opt to keep or pay the ante to push, and so on.

This continues until the players are all dealt five cards face up. A sixth card gets dealt face down. A player may opt to pay the pot to replace a card from their hand with a card from the top of the remaining cards in the deck.

betting occurs after every round in which someone accepts a card (doesn't push). After the last face down card is dealt and after anyone decides if they will pay the pot to replace a card, people declare whether or not they are going for high, low, or both.

it seems like a heavy action game. i'd be interested to see how well it actually plays.

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Dec. 29th, 2008 06:11 am (UTC)
This sounds like a lot of fun. I'll be trying it once the holidays are over and my poker game starts up again.
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