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dreadlocks and poker

i wish innovative percussion had their own version of a dreadlock.

i've started playing poker online again, and i'm trying to figure out how i want to focus it.

mainly because ever since i started playing live games at Harrah's, i'd like to think i've become a better hold 'em player than omaha player, but as i was playing last night i'm not sure if that's the case. This stems not so much from what sort of profit i gain from omaha versus hold 'em, but my approach to the play.

preflop in hold 'em i'm aggressive when i need to be. Preflop in omaha i'm fairly passive; there's very few hands i'll raise preflop because of how much closer the gap is in advantage in starting hands.

but in general as a poker player i'm much more of a postflop player in any case, and this is where i think i shine more in the omaha arena than the hold 'em arena because i play omaha much more aggressively and correctly in a field where generally people play either very stupid loose or unreasonably tight.

It helps that people label me in a particular way with a slightly incorrect slant, as in even though i still play pretty tightly in omaha, i bet my draws more often even if those draws don't necessarily have the best of it at the flop and people assume from my tight image that i already have a made hand. an easy example of that is a hand last night where i flopped top pair (which was merely a 6), but along with that had a gutshot straight draw (though not the nuts) and the nut flush draw. All things considered this gives me only, say, 11 outs to improve my hand, but i raised the initial bettor a pot sized bet which would put him all-in, and he and the other person still in the hand folded. i'm fairly certain that the initial bettor had a better hand than me.

but in hold 'em i just don't play that aggressively, or when i do, i usually don't do it correctly. Say i have QdJd and the board comes KdJs9d. In omaha that wouldn't be a push situation (with a big stack), but it's still something that i would bet almost every time if no one does and raise some of the time (though not all of the time). But in hold 'em, the only time i would likely bet in this situation is if i'm last to act in a field of four or less players, and if someone bet it, i would merely call and never raise.

which is a big gap in my play, i think, because it doesn't take advantage of implied odds in my favor or folding equity. if i merely call the bet and then my flush or straight card comes, i kill my implied odds because with my image, people will likely assume correctly that i have caught my hand if i bet, and if i think there's a high probability of that i take away the implied odds i have to call the bet on the flop. If i fail to bet or raise those draws aggressively, i don't give the initial aggressor the opportunity to fold the better hand, and if i bet the draw and then my card comes, my subsequent bet is much less straightforward.

when i ask myself, "what does this mean?", i'm not sure what the answer is. I know that on Cake and full tilt, i went through a phase of playing omaha first as a warm up to proper aggression in hold 'em; it's possible that i may do that again, or i'll follow the formula i did last night of playing mostly omaha and the daily 10k hold 'em bounty tournament, then switch to a cash game when i'm done with that. For live play, i kind of wish i could play the live PL game that they have very occasionally, but the stakes for that are 2/5 which is more than my bankroll can support when it comes to variance.

we'll see, though. i talked with jeff some last night about it and he said that maybe when we're on cake together he can guide me through some of his play to help give me more tools to succeed. i'm pretty sure that will help me a lot as i learn greatly by example and have never had a mentor in poker.

hmm... not sure what to have for lunch.


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Apr. 2nd, 2009 05:59 pm (UTC)
i'm sure one day they'll have something similar...their product range has grown tremendously in the past few years.

the quality of their gear is much better than vic, but the options aren't completely there. still, i've managed to find sticks and mallets in their range that i'm really quite happy with.

it's also nice to get bricks of sticks that are actually matched in pitch and weight.

"perfect pair" my ass
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