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last night/this morning i played poker for about ten hours.

the other sessions where i've hit close to or over that mark was because of my stubborn need to try to get into profit as opposed to being in deficit, which isn't the healthiest thing but i'm working on that.

last night was all about the people, and it brought to light to me how important that was to me, as (if not more) important than developing my skill as a player. Because there were awesome personalities last night, and i feed off of that sort of energy, feed off of people whether close or strangers.

one of them was there twice; first when i sat down, then she came back later. when she sat down initially, she was in a good mood and was being loud and crazy on the table. when she came back, she was in a very bad mood, but she was still loud and crazy on the table, using it as an outlet to deal with the circumstances that put her in a bad mood.

and we hugged at the end of it all and i told her to feel better soon and she said thanks for listening, and it was awesome.

and we don't even know each others' names.

it doesn't get much better than that.

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