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dollhouse 109: red herring

this thought has been vaguely been formulating in my head and it developed into a full blown whatsit as i was doing some cleaning today.

based on dominic's motivations, actions, &c, i think that his exposure as an NSA agent was a red herring to the spy within the dollhouse.

Echo reveals that Dominic works for the NSA, he states that he's there to make sure that the dollhouse doesn't bring itself down, that it needs to be controlled and contained and is representing the idea that the NSA is the one that can do that. This doesn't feel aligned to the messages that Paul Ballard got from November or Echo concerning the dollhouse. Paul is given a message to explore the true purpose of the dollhouses; why would the NSA risk exposing their internal operative within the dollhouse to deliver a message to Ballard that gives him more fuel to try to expose the dollhouse when the NSA doesn't want the dollhouse to be exposed?

The investigation of the dollhouse starts with Topher discovering the chip, but during Dominic's exposure and interview with Adelle, there's no implication or mention of him being the one that is hiding backdoors in the imprints. And on the other side of that; if Dominic is the one that's doing that, why would he try to kill Echo? a) it increases his risk of exposure as an NSA agent, and b) if he successfully killed Echo, he couldn't have used Echo to give Ballard a message in 106. Granted, that imprint could have been given to anyone who was sent to warn Ballard off, but it just doesn't feel right. There's something else going on.

overall i think that the show has improved a lot since the first four or so episodes, but i'm still not convinced about it. there are a lot of annoying holes and inconsistencies and it's moving way too fast for my taste. The pace i can live with because today's telly market kind of demands that. Shows that last beyond four or five years are a rarity these days and in order to get their feet off the ground they have to make it exciting. The annoying holes and inconsistencies; eh. it's still entertaining enough for me to watch and i'll probably follow it for as long as it's around, but again, it's no Firefly or SG-1/SGA, that's for sure.

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Apr. 15th, 2009 11:47 am (UTC)
re: adelle's subplot, i wrote this to a friend about it:

he impression that we get from some of the early episodes is that the handlers always keep a close watch on the dolls when they're involved in an engagement. echo is used as an example. boyd is always listening, is always there, and when he can't monitor what's going on, he finds a way to figure it out. when echo went off mission, he followed her.

when echo was fighting ballard in 106, boyd wasn't the handler, but i assume that someone else was. so that person wasn't listening in when the corrupt imprint was talking?

in this episode, vincent's handler disappears all nine times that he and adelle met up?

there's just a sense of gloss-over of that aspect of it; like the only time that we should assume that there's survelliance is when it's necessary for the plot and all other times it's conveniently forgotten.


i'd put the NSA mission as also being a gloss over because of the woman waking up and a couple of other things, but i can forgive that because the NSA actually knew that sierra was coming and the whole thing was a subterfuge anyway.
Apr. 15th, 2009 06:39 pm (UTC)
Have not started watching Dollhouse, but to be fair, if you look back at the first few SG-1 were pretty rough. Same goes for Buffy and most others. It is the rare show that gels well from Season 1. Kind of the rough part to any new show. It has to be good enough to get you to the end of the season.

On the other hand -- did you catch Leverage at all? Decent show with some fun writing.
Apr. 15th, 2009 09:33 pm (UTC)
i know i'm being picky. :) but at least since ep. 5 or so it's held my interest well enough.

have only seen adverts for leverage but haven't watched it at all. i know that it stars whatsherface who was in coupling and jekyll. i'll give it a go.
Apr. 16th, 2009 01:34 am (UTC)
It has was-her-face from Coupling and Christian Kane who used to play Lindesy on Angel. A little uneven and still ramping up, but still has some goodness to it. I look forward to catching the second half of the season when I have some time.

They do a nice job delivering some twists and surprises at least in the first few episodes. You know the good guys are going to win, but the mechanics are fun.
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