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dollhouse 1.11

some thoughts about dollhouse after the almost-finale of the first season.

even though the show has matured a whole bunch and it was nice to see alan tudyk back on the screen after firefly, i'm a little bothered by the whole premise of the alpha plot arc.

i mean, as soon as tudyk started turning all of the security off via the doctor's computer, i knew that he was alpha. and as sort-of-cool that that revelation was, it made it so that the rest of the season's alpha arc made no sense whatsoever and made it even more true that those early alpha hints were there to serve as a hook for the series without any basis in logical reasoning.

let's start with the supposed goal of alpha which is to rescue echo (which i acknowledge may not actually be what's going on). if we assume that, fine. except:

a) what does he need ballard for? i assume that he's the one that gave ballard all of the information to lead ballard to the dollhouse, but if he already knows where the dollhouse is, he knows how to get in, he knows how to shut down shit &c, then why make it so complicated? he doesn't need to.

b) if his premise is to rescue echo, then what happened in episode 1.5 makes no sense, where he wiped echo's imprint over the phone. That put her in a position where she was more likely to be killed than rescued, and her rescue relied too heavily on things that would be outside of his control, and worse, it gave Adele and the dollhouse overseers an obvious clue as to what he was doing which could have put them on higher alert.

c) for similar reasons it made episode 1.2 make no sense. Why hire a man to be a client of the dollhouse with the intent to kill her and then use his signature killing style to kill the accomplice? again, the only thing that served was to clue the dollhouse that they were being targeted by alpha.

it's all further proof that the hook existed just to exist and create an elaborate complexity that existed just to exist.

that annoyed me about the episode more than anything else, even more than the silly susan/susan subplot. i'd say that the best moments in the episode were ballard and boyd fighting and the scene of alpha and the doctor that was occuring around the same time after he cut up victor's face.

i'm getting a sense that ballard in the finale is going to turn around and team up with the dollhouse to rescue echo. maybe boyd will get killed and ballard will become echo's handler.

time for sleep. busy busy day tomorrow.

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