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napping without napping

i didn't sleep terribly well last night, so i decided earlier to schedule some time for a nap.

exhausted in the middle of the afternoon, i put on an episode of Qi, lay down, and tried to nap, but i was having problems trying to aotually fall asleep. i'm not a fan of Just Lying Down, so i found my laptop and started playing a stage of gemcraft just to zone out.

i ended up playing a couple of stages and then there was maybe another ten minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off to wake up. so i did some random internetting, and then when my alarm went off, i did a mental assessment of how i felt, decided that i was refreshed enough from my fake nap, and got up to do some work.

i'm not sure if i've ever consciously had a successful nap without actually napping before. it was interesting, mainly just how exhausted i felt before i lay down and then how fine i felt after. i don't think it's the sort of thing i can pull off often, but it was pretty nice for it to work this time.

still, i bet i'll be in bed by midnight tonight.

well. it will depend on the 9pm poker tournament, i guess. :)

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