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frozen hot chocolate

the local crepe store here has a poster up for a summer drink - a frozen hot chocolate.

until i saw it and cocked my mental head to the mental side at the seeming contradictary nature of it, it never occured to me how "hot chocolate" isn't really two separate words, it's one singular concept. "hot" in this context doesn't really function as a descriptor for temperature of a drink, it defines the drink, identifies it in its entirety. if the drink isn't hot, you don't call it a "warm chocolate". if you put it in the fridge and let it cool down, you'd be hard pressed to give it a name other than "hot chocolate". it doesn't feel right to call it a chocolate drink or even a chocolate milk.

i think the main reason this happened has to be because the 'main name' of the drink (if you will) is used mainly in a different way, so it can't stand on its own in the context of the drink. when people say, "boy do i want chocolate", images of candy bars come to mind, not a drink. thus, the drink needed its own identity to separate itself from just chocolate to avoid confusion.

what probably needs to happen to change it is for some strong Brand presence, such as Starfucks, to market hot chocolate under a new name and for it to become popular enough that it takes over as the new name for hot chocolate. which is unlikely given that even with the strong brand, people who go to starbucks still go there to order "coffee" as opposed to "a starbucks".

and also seems to be a large effort to go through simply to make it so that the name of the frozen version would make more sense.

still fun to think about, though.


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Jun. 27th, 2009 06:03 pm (UTC)
it all depends on how it's made....if there's milk involved, hot chocolate is just hot milk with chocolate added in. If it cools down it becomes regular chocolate milk. to me there is no difference.

if it's made with water(which can be pretty awful), i guess it would still be "hot chocolate" even after it cools down.

still, calling the drink a "frozen hot chocolate" seems very silly to me. Are they making it hot before they freeze it? I'm assuming they don't, so it would make more sense to m to just call it "frozen chocolate"
Jun. 29th, 2009 11:55 am (UTC)
a lot of people call it "cocoa" - not hot cocoa, just cocoa, and that's usually reasonably interpreted to mean a warm mug of chocolate beverage.
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