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i haven't played DDR since last friday.

This is the longest stretch i've had in a while. i hope i haven't lost too much of my stamina.

wish i could be at the EMU tourney on saturday, but it's good that i'll be with my kids.


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Oct. 23rd, 2003 10:22 am (UTC)
I haven't played much either. Truthfully I'm starting to get a little bit bored with it, mostly because hardly anybody is playing at the arcade lately, and I've had other things goin on... also a little bit of foot trouble made me take a break. and I've been getting more into parapara lately than DDR...

but, nevertheless, I'm going to the tournament on Saturday anyway, even if I am going to suck.

I'm sad that you won't get to go, I was looking forward to hangin' out with you again. I'll always have hugs for Mr. Darknote ^_^
Oct. 23rd, 2003 12:36 pm (UTC)
yeah, i've kinda fallen out of it too.

although in my case it's partially the foot problems and partially puzzle pirates, and then partially just not wanting to deal with the DDR community.

as it is, i'm still hoping to get to portland sometime around thanksgiving to see all of you guys anyway, and hang out for some DDR or not DDR :)
Oct. 23rd, 2003 01:23 pm (UTC)
you should start playing doubles. that makes it much less boring. :)

for me, i'm just in the thick of a lot of other things i should be doing right now. i kept on trying to justify some time this week to play, but i couldn't. i've spent enough time playing iidx and making SM edits, and i have a lot of deadlines i need to meet by tomorrow and early next week that i've been slacking on.

i'm probably going to try to play again on monday. i don't know what time my marching band gets done on saturday, but if i get back within a reasonable hour, i might show up at the tourney to say hello to everyone.
Oct. 23rd, 2003 03:43 pm (UTC)
yaa.. i'm worried about my stamina too kinda. I'm not going either, but we'll both be at the EMU in spirit 8D Although it'd be real cool to go.. but ah well whatever. That would suck if I playedf standard again ._.; lol.
Oct. 23rd, 2003 09:25 pm (UTC)
if i entered, i'd venture that maybe i'd still enter standard since i still suck at PAing on single.

sorry you can't make it down! another time.
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Oct. 23rd, 2003 09:40 pm (UTC)
i don't believe you. *gentle poking*

*pokes around*

there are five chicago locations reported on ddrfreak.com

Diversions (sounds like an arcade)
The Black hole (uhh...)
UIC's Chicago Circle Bowling Alley
Waveland Bowl
Tilt in the Ford City Mall

Bowling alleys are always fun locations. You should go there, hop on, attract some attention. :)
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Oct. 24th, 2003 11:11 am (UTC)
If anything, I guess it gets around by word of mouth.

Like 2/3 times I've mentioned DDR to someone they knew whaat I was talking about... so I guess it's kinda known here. :)
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