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in the wikipedia entry for Green Lantern: First Flight, IGN had this criticism to say about it:

"The filmmakers seem less interested in his transition from an ordinary man into a intergalactic superhero, and in their eagerness to get him up into space and fighting aliens right away."

I'm not disagreeing with that statement, but i feel like the criticism is misguided. The writers stated that they didn't want to recycle the Hal Jordan story they did in Justice League: The New Frontier, and i think they made a good choice. The latter focused much more on the development of Hal Jordan's backstory, and as a result of that, even though he played a pivotal role in the movie's climax when he transitioned into his Green Lantern role, he didn't actually do much as a Green Lantern. So having Hal's learning curve in the Green Lantern film be pretty nonexistant was fine for me, and gave me much more of the Green Lantern ring use that I've been craving ever since i started watching Superfriends.

In reality, I think that GL:FF isn't designed to be an origin story about Hal Jordan; the movie uses Hal as a conduit for the viewer to get the backstory on the Green Lantern Corps and the Guaridans, but more importantly, the movie feels much more like an origin story about Sinestro. And put in that perspective, the movie is truly awesome because the character development of Sinestro and the voice acting work that Victor Garber did is nothing short of brilliant.

problematic, though, because it makes me want much much more. I've stated it before and i'll say again: an animated series that focused on Kyle Rainer would fulfill my every dream.

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