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2009 versus 2008.

2009 has flown by fucking quickly for me. it's also turned out much differently than i had initially anticipated. those two together are fine with me. i'm ready for 2009 to be over.

in my head i've come up with a few reasons why 2008 felt longer than 2009, and i think it has a lot to do with how 2008 was split in half for me. In the first half, i was in oregon working for symantec. suddenly in the seocnd half i was in new orleans. even though at the time that transition happened very quickly, the result of that major life shift made for lots of things happening during that year that was beyond normal sort of events.

in 2009 there were "firsts" involved with me in some ways that make the time stretch out - as in, in one sense, my first Mardi Gras and my first Jazz Fest seem like they happened a long time ago so you'd think that this year would feel slow. but what contrasts that is secondly how quickly the marching band season seemed to go, and firstly how close last christmas seems to me because it was the first time i went back to PA in about a decade. Like, it was a year ago since i saw all of those PA people. angie and vince and megan and jerry and nick and bob and jr and sean and etc. etc. one year. and it seriously feels like mere months ago.

i'm writing this entry in a scattered state of mind because of strange sleep patterns and a weird headspace. it feels pretty scattered, and becoming aware of that has also brought about something else that's odd about the entry in that it feels contrary to the way i used to be, which is to create an arbitrary separation of events based on something that has no real meaning. on principle i still don't do new years resolutions. the principle of which i'm celebrating my birthday has nothing to do with "being a year older". the concept of getting a fresh start to a new year is one i never used to subscribe, yet here i am saying, "i'm ready for 2009 to be over" as if january 1st 2010 is going to create some new sort of momentum all on its own just because it's a new year. which is absolute bollocks. i understand and know better than shite. i take responsibility for my own greatness and failures and etc. and don't want to hide my accomplishments or lack of accomplishments behind something like a calendar year or any sort of time period.

really if i had it my way, i'd rotate the calendar year so that what is currently september is the new january, but that's a separate sort of discussion.

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Nov. 30th, 2009 02:40 am (UTC)
really if i had it my way, i'd rotate the calendar year so that what is currently september is the new january, but that's a separate sort of discussion.

But regardless, a discussion that I'd like to hear. Elaborate please. :)
Dec. 1st, 2009 04:37 pm (UTC)
it has mainly to do with the academic calendar. i feel that the world's concept of a schedule is currently based on two things: corporate business structure and academic structure. Corporate business structure isn't a global standard; for certain industries, a fiscal year end is in march, in other industries it's june, etc. But at least in the US, almost all institutions work under an august/sept to may/june paradigm, and that influences a lot of practical and philosophical things. it would make it easier if september was the new january to coincide with the beginning of an academic year, even if the only reason is to make it so that an academic year is all the same year (as opposed to fall 2010 being the same academic year as spring 2011).
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