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so of course because it's a holiday and all, many people have been putting up 'happy thanksgiving' like posts on lj and fb.

yesterday i was experimenting with the whole "reconnect with him/her!" deal that facebook has been touting recently and came to a general conclusion that the only 'friends' that they pop up as someone that you should reconnect with are people that haven't logged into facebook in a couple of weeks. there are plenty of people that i never actually interact with, yet i never get notification that i should try to reconnect with them. it's a way for facebook to underhandedly try to rope more casual users/one time users into being regulars.

i posted a status as such, basically stating this theory. Devon responded with an addendum that was related to the post itself. After that, three other people also commented on the post, but as opposed to saying anything related to the post, they instead wished me a happy thanksgiving.

which was a little perplexing, even though in retrospect i understand. it was perplexing because a personal holiday greeting is more suited for my actual wall as opposed to a comment on my post that has nothing to do with thanksgiving. But it's understandable because chances are those people just happened upon my status when glancing at the facebook news feed, and resultingly decided that they wanted to wish me a happy thanksgiving, and the easiest way to do that was to comment on the news feed as opposed to go to my wall and then post it there.

which i think says something about the nature of the facebook beast in general, more proof of how... unthreaded, maybe?... facebook can be. it's not necessarily about creating a conversation or some sort of big-picture form, it's about lots of small one-shot hits and one-shot deals.

which is helping form a strange idea in my head, to create a series of statuses that are actually one status but drawn out over a long period of time. except that no one will really get it unless i make it additive as opposed to replaceative. um.

we'll see.

time to cook food.


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Dec. 5th, 2009 10:55 am (UTC)
The biggest downside of facebook that i see is that it's mostly ephemeral. Search engines and archivers can't get to most of it. Old stuff continues exists but is made difficult to access and only really looked at by the most dedicated of stalkers. Hoping someone checking facebook today will see your status from three days ago? Highly unlikely.

(because once upon a time, i helped start a newsgroup which consisted of only one thread which ended up containing around 96000 posts. the thread tree was awesome)
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