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two big hands happened on saturday which made my $50 profit for the evening turn into $900 in the span of 45 minutes.

in the first hand, guy sits down who looks like a tourist, but it becomes evident that he's no dope at the table. a bunch of people limp in, and in the bb i have AK. I raise to $17 ($15 on top of the blinds) and get maybe four or so callers.

board comes out AKx rainbow. I bet out $45. Touristy looking guy calls me, other people fold. He has about $150ish left behind. Turn comes out some sort of blank. I decide that i want to commit the rest of my chips to the hand (i have him covered). Based on his play, i put him on an A, possibly the same hand as me, but maybe AQ or even any ace. Clearly he understands the concept of continuation bets, and i think that i can induce him to bet if i check, feigning that i'm giving up on the hand with JJ or QQ. So after some thought, i check. He bets out $100, i pause, go all-in. Guy next to me asks me if i have it, and i say, 'i'm not sure... either i have it or we're chopping.' Touristy guy then asks, "you flop a set of kings or something?" and i say, "no... i think we may be chopping," and he says, "i can't see any way that we're possibly chopping." in a "i don't like my chances" sort of way, so i know i'm good. i never did see his hand.

transfer to another table, and i'm three off of the bb. Guy to my immediate right raises to $7. I look down and see AQos, so i reraise $16. The button calls, one other guy calls, guy to my right also calls. Flop comes A56. Guy to my right checks, i bet out $50 (or maybe $55... somewhere around there.) Guy on the button calls, guy to my immediate right calls. Turn comes 5. Guy to my right checks. I bet out $100. Guy on the button thinks for a while, then calls. Guy to my right folds.

River comes a 6. Guy on the button has a little over $100 left in his stack. I hadn't played on the table for long, but he had been nursing his $300ish stack pretty well, so i think he's a fairly solid player. When he calls my turn bet of $100, i don't put him on a 5 or a set of 6s, i put him exactly on AK, and think that he's scared that maybe i have a 5, but he wants to see what i do at the end. Now the board is scary, but i bank on the fact that it's scarier for him than for me. Checking would be stupid - despite the fact that he only has $100 to call a pot of about $550ish with a strong hand, i want him to believe that his AK isn't good because i've walked into a full house. So i push all-in. He thinks about it for a long while, stacks his chips up and then holds on to it, still deciding what to do. Eventually he pushes the chips across the line and as soon as he does, i mutter "fuck." and turn over my AQ. He looks at it, smiles, and then turns his own hand over.

pocket sevens.

i couldn't keep the flabbergasted look off of my face. The guy donked off $300+ to me with pocket sevens after i reraised preflop. What did he think i was reraising with, KQ?

after thinking about it for a long time, i decided that what really happened was that he made a loose call on the turn, and then by the river he decided that he couldn't fold to such a big pot. I'm sure he knew he was beat, but the money was too attractive or something.

i feel like i got lucky. But i'm certainly not complaining.

The bayou classic starts on wednesday. i'm thinking i may play in the opening event which is a $200 HE tournament. Then on Sunday i'm going to play the HORSE tourney and tuesday i'm playing the PLO tournament. Hopefully i'll make good on those or if not then on the cash tables that will be hopping during tourney time.

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Dec. 8th, 2009 12:53 am (UTC)
Every time I see a post of yours chronicling your memorable poker hands I wish so hard that I played more often and seriously miss those Poker nights we used to have at The Break/Tyler's House so much.
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