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PLO tourney

so in a field of 66 players i placed 8th in the WSOP Bayou Poker Challenge Event Number 6, which was a $300+$40 Pot Limit Omaha tournament.

At first i was a little jittery sitting down at my first table because it had been about six months since i played PLO with any degree of seriousness, but i felt very comfortable after the first round or so because i started to catch on quickly to how the other players played and adjusted some of my play accordingly (which is very different than how i've played PLO online). The rounds lasted 40 minutes each, and i built up a decent chip stack in the first three rounds mainly because of two things: a) i hit a flush against someone's short stack fairly early on, and b) the table image that i had presented gave me huge folding equity because people didn't understand how i was playing. I get the impression that many of the players who watched me considered me a tight player because i was folding more than the average amount of preflop hands even to limps and resultingly they gave me a lot of credit when i would bet, but half of the time i bet out on the flop it was on a strong draw rather than a made hand, and strong position made it possible for me to steal pots even when i missed.

The best example of this was one hand where i had AQQ10 with a suited ace on the button and after preflop raising, i get one caller. The board came out 10-8-8 with a nut flush draw, and the person first to act bet out. i had position to see what he would do and outs to make a great hand, so i called. When the turn came out which was some sort of blank, he checked, and i checked. The river came out an A i believe, but i still missed my flush. He checked again, and i thought about giving up on the hand, but instead i bet out strongly, about 5000 into a 7500 pot. I heard him thinking out loud over there that he believed that i had pocket 10s or that maybe i had run into a full house with AA, and because of his talk, i was positive that he had an 8. he eventually folded.

There were maybe three pots like that where i was able to take the pot down by flopping some sort of draw, and then the few times that i ran into better hands, i had a much bigger chip stack than them, so by the end of three rounds i had about 24k in chips and after six rounds i had about 28k in chips.

from rounds 6 to 9, i ended up nursing my chips, taking a small pot here and there, losing a small pot here and there, but otherwise not gaining any traction because a lot of my hands were awful and in the table reshuffle i ended up sitting down to a couple of fairly aggressive players. But the blind structure was slow enough that i was able to hold on very tightly until it finally got down to 10 people with blinds of 500/1000 and i had 14k in chips versus the short stack's 7k in chips (along with a few that had 20k and 25k), and i was able to outlast her and thus make the final table and make it into the money.

The tournament continued the next day and i ended up going out 8th place. In early position i had AQQ10 with a suited Ace of diamonds, and with the blinds at 500/1000 and me with only 13k in chips, i had to jam, so i potted and got called by the big blind. The board came out 246 with two diamonds. First to act he pots, and i call because i have the flush draw. He turns over KK35, so he flopped the straight, and i missed my flush.

even though there were only 66 people, i feel good about making the final table and i felt good overall about the way that i played. Additionally, i ended up making a casual friend named Mike, a very nice guy, and a very aggressive PLO player, who respected my play well enough and was kind enough to be willing to make a deal with me to have us both commit 10% of our winnings to each other if we placed. Before i left the casino after the cash game, i went back in to check on him, and he was sitting at about 3rd in chips out of a remaining five players, so on top of the $500 profit i made for placing 8th, i'm probably going to get an additional $200-600 from him.

i wished i could have been more of a contender for top 4 or 5, but i'm still happy that i made the final table and i'm overall happy with my play. We'll see how i do in the HORSE tournament on tuesday.

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