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holiday lump summary:

aside from talking about family stuff, i didn't really get a chance to summarize my holiday trip. it kind of went like this:

thursday 17th: flew into PA. discovered just how wonky the philly airport is.

friday 18th: went to philly and did a few touristy things. pictures are on fb. had authentic taiwanese food for lunch, then good chinese food for dinner. spent a lot of late night time playing through the full version of braid. got to catch up with brother on some current life stuffs.

saturday 19th: it snowed a lot. went over choir music. choir rehearsal was cancelled. played some ping pong. parents gave us important documents and told us where to find their wills. i don't think we went out at all. played scribblenauts for the first time, kind of decided i didn't like it.

sunday 20th: we woke up pretty early to shovel snow. choir concert was cancelled. went shopping, then had dinner with eric and his brother and his brother's wife. first time my bro has connected with someone from high school in about two decades or more.

monday 21st: went to the mutter medical museum before dropping felix at the airport. tried to get pho for dinner but it was closed, so went instead to a small shop inside of a big asian supermarket. had bubble tea for the first time since living on the west coast.

tuesday 22nd: hung out with megan for the day. saw princess and the frog which i mostly liked, but didn't like the anti-feminist undertone or the perpetuation of a cookie-cutter ideal. a resonate entry is forthcoming about this.

wednesday 23rd: had pho for lunch. broth was good, meat was eh. met up with hannah and her husband for the first time since hannah got married. it was fairly emotional, but in a good way. after all this time, we're finally all okay with each other. had damned good beer at the bethlehem brewery.

thursday 24th: met up with amy devitis in the afternoon and hung out with her, her kids, and her folks for a good part of the afternoon before driving to atlantic city to the Borgata to play cards. visit was good. kids were energetic, but awesome. i don't know how she does it. cards was very fun; four awesome personalities on the table besides me, AA's got cracked four times, i ended up about $300, got back around 7am the next morning.

friday 25th: connie and V and V's parents came over and we ate bad buffet food. went back and exposed my parents to the Wii for the first time. went to the airport, flight got delayed by a couple of hours. got home, downloaded the End of Time, watched it, then crashed.

coming home was very significant this time around for me. very glad i went. glad i didn't stay longer though. there's only so much of my mom that i can take in a condensed time period.


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