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random today stuff.

i felt very good about my poker session last night/this morning, even when i lost a fairly substantial pot towards the end. i played it well, he played it well, it just didn't go my way. It turned a $1k profit into a $500 profit instead (after also getting drawn out on a couple of other hands after the fact).

today i spent a lot of money on nothing in particular. supplies that i've been putting off for a while, and a few straggling xmas/birthday gift-like things that i need to put into the mail.

i had this sudden strange idea to pass my piano phase remix 8-finger chart on stealth. i can almost do it except for a bit at the end that's tough for me even without stealth on, and i don't have the same sort of finger chops i used to have, so it may take a little bit of building up. it'd be really silly if i actually pulled it off.

i'm having to make a deliberate effort to not create a separation between 2009 and 2010. that's what the last entry was for, for myself to remind myself about the principles behind what the post was about. it's only sort of working right now, which is shrugworthy.

when i was at the bookstore, i passed by a book that was titled "MANGA", and when i first glanced at it, i thought it read "MGANGA". no one who reads my LJ will get the reference.

i feel like every metaphorical trap door that gets opened should have a metaphorical wile e. coyote moment.

that's going up as a fb status. the mganga thing might go up too.

what a strange week it's been.


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