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in a recent discussion on brits_americans, some information came out that gives me this pipedream idea of moving to the UK and starting a drumline revolution.

i still don't know exactly what my future is all about when it comes to career, family, job, &c, but one of the things that i like about the UK public school system in general over what we have in the US is that music theory and religious studies (all religions) are a part of the standard set of scholastic subjects. in general it seems like art music and to a degree new music has always been better supported in europe over the US, and even though i'm not exactly in that field right now, it'd be nice to live somewhere where the basis for my education is given more of its due, and a place where the BBC exists because i do love the BBC.

(as a tangent, however, i seem to remember a conversation i had with a different community about how strikingly different the college experience is in the UK, and the limited understanding i have on that side is makes me like the US model more.)

the question then becomes what is it that i would do for work. i could always do some sort of office job, but i'd prefer not to go back to that unless i know what i'm getting into. i don't have enough of a name/reputation to live off of just being a composer unless i get some sort of residency, and my teaching abilities are diverse, but are still specialized to the context of the marching band/indoor drumline paradigm which doesn't exist in the UK at *all*.

And then there's a part of me that resultingly thinks, "well, maybe you can start it."

would i be the best person to do that when it comes to talent? surely not. but when it comes to vision and doing what needs to be done to at least get it on the ground in a respectable form? it could take me a while, but i could definitely do it.

Of course, the other big hurdle there is that i'd need one or two support staff to help me, and since that stuff doesn't exist in the UK at all, they'd likely have to be US transports. i doubt that any of my friends or colleagues (save maybe erica and aaron) would be willing to move to the UK with me on the grounds of starting the first ever indoor percussion or blast-like group in the country.

but it would be neat, wouldn't it? to maybe put forth some sort of proposals and grants to fund a startup group that plants the seed and then see where it goes.



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Jan. 12th, 2010 02:12 am (UTC)
ooh. europe. booyah.

(just now got your text from two days ago... my phone freaked out and stopped receiving texts. until now. it's fixed. i think. ;)

interesting idea...
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