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funny casino anecdote

last night when i was playing cards, someone who had gone out to take a smoke break said that they saw troy aikman playing on a blackjack table. Apparently he was pretty drunk and doing very poorly, but it probably didn't matter to him since he was just playing on a $25 table.

At the time, there was a part of me that was thinking that it would be funny if i went out and got his autograph or took a picture with him or something, but that would have required actually recognizing what he looks like (which i don't), and then i wouldn't really know what to say. 'i'm a big fan of yours'? i think the only situation in which i know anything about his football history is playing Madden on the playstation. at this point i can only say with some degree of certainty that i think he was a qb for the cowboys and that his number was 8.

not that it really matters. i care so little about famous people in general and putting them on any sort of pedestal that doing something like that would have been designed to be a subtle ironic joke on my part that would have been lost on him because he'd be too drunk, and i was running well on the table at the time and didn't want to leave an opportunity to take more of the aggressive people's money.

fun stuff to think about, though.


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