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giving out numbers.

yesterday i did my first gig as a judge for an indoor drumline show.

i definitely wasn't as completely prepared for the deal as i could have been in terms of some of the professional details, and it was a little rocky for me with the first group, but as i got more used to what was happening and as i got more encouragement from the other judges that were with me, it became more comfortable. It helped that the other judges were cool people, open and supportive and all that, and one of which is a pseudo-friend of mine.

I'm also glad that the caption i was judging was GE; i'm not sure if my first gig would have been as good if i was a PA judge, but i have a better idea about that now than i did after having seen how Joe approached judging it both with his sheets and his critique comments.

More than that, though, i think that GE is the caption that suits me over the others because of how it deals with big picture ideas. Understanding how all of the musical and visual pieces come together from moment to moment as well as the "effect curve" throughout the show, how well are the kids projecting their performance to the box and getting the most out of their highs and lows. As a big picture person, that's what i feel is my biggest strength when it comes to analysis.

Granted, i don't think i articulate some of those ideas on the fly that well; if i was to do more judging, i think i need to practice making some tapes, because it's tricky for me to articulate complete thoughts when stuff is still happening that i need to pay attention to, particularly when things are happening so loudly that i can't hear my own voice when making comments into the recorder.

it was more fun than i thought it would be. i'm fairly certain that i'd do it again, although in the long term i don't know if i want to make a habit out of it. we'll see what happens.


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Jan. 31st, 2010 10:54 pm (UTC)
I bet you're a bomb ass judge. Me, Woody, and Amy Thompson used to talk about how we'd be awful judges because we'd just sit there with the tape, watching in horror for 9 minutes, then end with "Nah dawg, that ain't it."

What do you think of indoor lines down there? Were they high school or WGI lines?
Jan. 31st, 2010 11:25 pm (UTC)
high school lines, part of the LCGPC circuit.

out of the six lines i saw, one was WGI caliber. one other had potential. the others varied from okay to bad. it's good that those programs exist because it gives an avenue for the kids and keeps the circuit alive down here, but we don't have a very strong showing in louisiana. three or four groups have consistently awesome programs and sometimes those groups will go to dayton.
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