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lent number three

so i had this idea for lent this year to create a 40 word facebook status message that i would update one day at a time until lent was done.

That doesn't end up being practical since fb is the main paradigm in which i'm advertising for my birthday party and i need to stay on top of that to determine what needs to happen, so i have to scrap that idea, leaving me with roughly five days to come up with an alternative.

The problem is that the way i use lent, i'm not sure what would be the most useful in terms of trying to instill long term trends. In that way, the idea of resolution might be better than lent (resolution being, "i'm going to be more tidy over the next forty days" versus lent being, "i'm going to give up hanging on the ceiling for forty days), but i feel like that's cheating. it goes against my general concept of resolutions in any case.

of course, the idea of cheating lent in my case is silly anyway since i could really define lent however i want it since my practice of it has nothing to do with its actual intention. push comes to shove, i'll come up with something that i feel will jumpstart a habit of some sort. maybe i'll try out the whole "compose for a little bit each day" or something and see if can't be more productive with my projects. in a way that's giving up my habit of hating strict schedules, but a stricter schedule in my case could do me some good.

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