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v-day dream

i had a dream last night that i actually remember pockets of, so i wanted to write it down since it's been forever since i've remembered a dream.

the details are fuzzy, but two scenes stick out. I'm sitting comfortably on the floor during a party of some sort, and people are passing around various v-day sort of trinkets. one of them is some kind of big pink foam heart. Many of these are getting passed around from person to person as some expression of affection, whether romantic or casual or whatever. everyone is very comfortable.

There's this woman in the dream who doesn't represent anyone i know in real life. She has mostly brunette hair, but with a blonde streak in it. In the dream, i recognize her as someone who i've been casual friends with for at least a couple of months, and is someone who i'm fairly attracted to and i'm pretty sure is attracted to me as well based on what i know is a fairly flirty friendship (although we weren't flirting at all during the dream). Despite this, we've never entertained the idea of getting together or anything - i'm not sure why not, that was maybe some dream history that didn't translate into any feeling i could pin down for the present.

Anyway, she's passing out these foam hearts to people, and she comes by me and gives me two of them with a big smile. I smile back and feel kind of touched about it, and for some reason it opens up a small emotional valve in me that makes me cuddle those two hearts in addition to one i was already holding close to me in a meaningful and fuzzy way.

The second scene is towards the end of the party. People are slowly leaving, and i think i'm helping to clean up or something. Someone passes me some sort of jacket or clothing or... *something*. i'm not sure what, but said person said that it belonged to the woman and that she was asking me to hold on to it for her. Amongst the package i find a key ring with a few keys on it. I feel like that must have been a mistake on her part, so i get up and hurry to the door because i know she had just walked out, and call to her. I say something like, 'you left some keys with me by accident,' and she smiles and says something like, 'maybe it wasn't by accident.'

and i smile in a flustered way, but i don't hesitate to walk up to where she's standing, looking into her eyes the whole time. And with our eyes locked on each other during that 3-5 second moment, we both come to realize that this moment has been building ever since we met, and an unknown tension in me relaxes as we reach each other, wrap our arms around each other, and kiss.

i woke up moments later.

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